Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Firewhip coming to a Wii near you, plans & where have I been?

Sorry for not posting in such a long time. I haven't directly coded on the Wii source for a bit of time, but I did take the Wii code and add SDL1.3 support to it, so now we have a (mostly) working iPhone port for BennuGD! Turns out that making BennuGD support SDL1.3 also fixes an annoying bug we had in MacOSX where 32bit color wasn't working at all. So you see, things fix all on their own with SDL1.3 :). The code is now in trunk.
If you have a look at the code, you'll see I've created many Makefile's, one for each supported platform. Things only get worse as now most platforms support two different/incompatible SDL versions.
I shall fix that* by dumping that system and creating a build system, probably based on CMake.

Also, a week ago or so, the nice guys from DevkitPro (the SDK I use to build BennuGD on the Wii) have released libogc 1.8.6. In their release notes, they say they've fixed something related to wrong readings in Balance Boards. Bennu was getting wrong readings from Balance Boards, so hopefully when I recompile BennuGD for the Wii with the new libogc, you'll be able to use the Balance Board correctly :)

Also, just a couple minutes ago I found out about a very cool game called "Firewhip". Have a look at the video, as it is a realy cool one:

As it turns out, this game had a pretty serious bug that had been triggered when it was converted from Fenix to BennuGD (some change in behaviour about process creation or something like that) that was pretty easy to fix once triggered, so stay tuned as this cool game is coming soon to a Wii near you!