Sunday, May 13, 2012

Compiling the Wii port with the official monolithic code (Part I: BGDC)

Yesterday I spent an hour or so playing around with the official monolithic code.
I got BGDC to compile from SplinterGU's monolithic code.

What you're seeing is the standard info message you get when you call "bgdc" without any arguments.
Not really impressive but it's progress, in a sense :)

PS: The patch includes one small dirty section; we'll fix it before release

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Official Monolithic architecture now available!

(Cross-posted to bennugd-wii and bennugd-mobile blogs).
SplinterGU just made an official monolithic implementation of BennuGD available in the official SVN repo.
The implementation is pretty-similar in design to mine but SplinterGU has managed to make it much easier to mantain (the header with the list of required symbols are generated automatically so he basically just maintains the modular version). That said, future updates to my ports (both for the Wii and for mobile platforms) will be based upon this design. I don't yet know if I'll publish full sources or just a set of patches against the official repo.

In any case, SplinterGU has expressed interest in the Wii port so it might become official at some point.

Not much more to announce: I advanced quite a bit with the iOS port and should published an updated template shortly. The android port still has troubles with the sound, and those don't seem to be going away shortly.

Happy coding!