Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long time, a few modules

Got a bit of time to work on this today:

  • I worked a bit more on mod_proc. Now bgdc, bgdrtm and bgdi compile. I wouldn't say it's working yet, as there are some values that have to be defined at runtime that are not yet being defined, but it's a start.
    Also, this modules defines some LOCAL vars. They're defined right after the GLOBALs.
    A funny thing I noticed about how Bennu works is that these vars are defined, from within C code, with Bennu syntax. What that means is that the compiler adds that Bennu code in the Process declaration, as if you'd written it there.
  • Got mod_rand in. This one was really easy :)
  • Started working on mod_mouse. mod_mouse has no real code or definitions, all the code is in libmouse. It won't work, yet, as libmouse depends in the graphical part of Bennu and work on that has not yet started.
    The compiler & interpreter will, however, be fine with you messing around with the MOUSE struct. Obviously the values you'll get are default ones and won't bear any resemblance with your mouse's position.
  • Fixed a few warnings.
I plan on getting all the modules that don't depend in libgrbase in soon, make sure they work and then proceed with the remaining modules.

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