Sunday, December 13, 2009

A bit of hacking with globals, locals and DLVARFIXUP, in general

I'm not having much time lately to work on Bennu, but today I got to hack a bit on it.
Basically, what I've done is finish the mod_sound module (remember some time ago I said there were some bits left?).

What I've one is implement the code that initializes the global variables. The mechanism is the same as used for initializing local vars, so those should be easy to do now, too.

This is, however, a more important change that it can appear to be, as this was basically the only thing I didn't really understand about the new Bennu modular architecture (as opposed to the old Fenix static design). This means that I can finally also try to finish mod_proc.

So I'm hoping on having all applicable non-video related modules done very soon so that I can start with the code that makes Bennu so great: graphics :)

Happy coding!

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