Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've had a lot to do in my university (again) and couldn't work much on this. I did get to touch the code a bit, with mixed results:

  • I will probably change the default sound frequency from the current 33KHz to 48KHz. I've done this primarily because recent versions of VLC refuse to transcode the audio files to 33KHz but are happy with 48KHz. Also, many audio programs can use 48KHz just fine. For example, if you use my FMOD Ex bindings (they include spectrum analysis support for both the available mics and for the playing songs!) for BennuGD in your normal computer, you can use the same audio files in your computer and the Wii; you might have to code a couple of ifdef's to handle the API differences, though.
    Sorry for that, I expect not to have to touch the audio frequency again.
  • I've found out that set_volume doesn't work as expected, if you use it you'll just hear a very nasty noise... Will have to have a look at it.
  • There have been some pretty important changes in the most basic libs used by the Wii version of the port... I'm trying to update SDL and libogc in order to get things working again.
  • I've been integrating some changes to the code that Daniel (the guy working on getting this working on the PSP) passed me, and we've been trying to set up my development environment to be able to code for the PSP, in case I can help him at all.
  • I mostly completed the port for Puzsion. I contacted the author and they're happy to replace some graphics for some more... Wii-specific. This is on top of the to-do list.
So you see: not much coding, but still a little bit of progress.

PS: As for the PSP SDK, we're using this one.
PS2: I would really LOVE to integrate my VLC module into this Wii port, and now that VLC has been released for the iOS (which doesn't allow dynamic linking, either) that seems to be possible. If anyone can help me with getting the iOS libVLC.a to compile for the Wii, I'd be REALLY grateful.

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