Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Morshu the MMMMMM" new BennuGD-Wii game!

Reader Beredezebe writes to let us know that a new BennuGD-Wii game created by user blabla has been released. It's called "Morshu the MMMMMM" which features pretty cool graphics and is available in French and in English.

Read all the news and info about the game in the original NintendoMax thread [FR].

Meanwhile, you can see a video of the game below:

Get the game from here.

Hope you like it, and thanks to Beredezebe!

[Updated to cite blabla as the author of the game, beredezebe is the author of the port]


beredezebe said...

I just have compiled and corriged the game, but otherwise, the creator is blabla !

Joseba García Etxebarria said...

I've modified the post to make that more clear, thanks!