Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A few videos of Bennugd-wii in action

Below are a couple of videos I've created with my phone (sorry for the blurriness).
The first one runs this code & shows the cursor moving after applying a graph I loaded from a PNG image. The video has no audio, but there's some music in the background, too.
If you look closely you might be able to see that the colors in the mouse cursor are wrong, that's a result of some endianess issues I must solve.

The second video shows some text being written in the Bennu standard font (although others should work, too) and in red colour. When you press the right mouse button (button B in your wiimote) the text moves to a random position.
This one also plays some music. You can find the code here.

I have removed the console initialization code because it caused artifacts, as SDL is the one that initializes all the graphics stuff now.

So, when I solve the signal&endianess bugs and integrate just one more module (mod_grproc) most of the 2D games created with Bennu should start to be playable!

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