Sunday, March 28, 2010

mod_draw, mod_screen, mod_path & a few small fixes

The other day I integrated libdraw. That same afternoon I integrated mod_draw, so that's done and you can now paint those beautiful Bezier curves in your Wii.

Also, yesterday I integrated mod_screen (regions, backgrounds...) & mod_path (path finding module). I added some test code for mod_screen and it seems to be working fine. I will have to write some code for mod_path too, just to be sure.

I also uploaded a wiki page in the google code page to keeo track of the modules that are already implemented and the modules that need to be integrated (or won't get implemented at all, like mod_wm).
You can compare how big both columns are here.

Again, if you want to start porting your games to the Wii, please let me know.

PS: Endianess bug is still there, and even if I fixed some minor bug with mod_grproc, some process will refuse to die.

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