Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brewing your own builds

A couple of days ago I uploaded the SDK I'm using to compile the bennugd-monolithic code.

  • In order to install the SDK, follow the instructions to install devkitpro from here.
  • Download the latest copy of my DevkitPPC directory available here -it can be used in win32, linux or OS X- and uncompress it to (following the example in the Getting Started page) /opt/devkitpro/ so that there you'll have threee folders: devklitPPC, libogc & portlibs.
  • Now, set the DEVKITPRO & DEVKITPPC environment vars as described in the Devkitpro "Getting Started" page.
  • Get the latest bennugd-monolithic code as described here.
  • Last, in your favorite console, and from the bennugd-monolithic-read-only/core directory type make. That's it! After that, your binaries will be in core/bgdc/bgdc.elf & core/bgdi/bgdi.elf.
  • Should you want to create a monolithic build for Linux (which should work just as fine as the normal BennuGD build, as you won't experience any endianess issues), type make linux instead of make.
Hope you find this info useful, I'll use this same info in the Wiki page.

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