Thursday, October 28, 2010

On yesterday's post

Yesterday, I posted an entry with a photo of Pixbros working in a Wii with the latest SVN build.
There are a few bugs to fix yet, but there are some things that it's worth noting:

  • The game is working pretty well in 32bpp mode.
  • scale_resolution seems to not work at all in the Wii, don't try to use it yet :)
  • In the photo, you can see there are two characters playing. This is, in fact, a bug as there was only one controller present. Libjoy was reporting incorrect values for joysticks that weren't present. I've uploaded some changes to the SVN repo and this issue seems to be fixed.
  • You might notice that the score counter is blank. There seems to be some problem with FNT loading or displaying. I'll have a look at it as soon as possible.
  • The game is using music in MP3, as recommended, and those are encoded @48KHz, which is the new default frequency for BennuGD games in the Wii, starting with the next beta release.
If you really, really, want to give it a try, you can compile the latest BennuGD for the Wii from the SVN repo yourself and then compile pixbros from their SVN repo, otherwise you can just wait a little bit; it shouldn't take us long to have everything ready for release!

This game is pretty big and uses many features from BennuGD, so I'm pretty excited to see it's working that well with very little effort on the game author's side. So thanks him a lot for taking the time to make the game Wii compatible.

PS: The game is so cool that it's even been featured in Spain's public TV (Pixbros appears @ 1:21)

PS2: As the cow points ot, there are now more than 20000 users of BennuGD for the Wii. Future game release will only make that number bigger and bigger, so big thanks to everybody!

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