Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BennuGD for mobile blog, more games

I've created a new worklog on using BennuGD to create games for mobile devices. The binaries published there share the same code base as those for the Wii and also come in a monolithic package.
I've written a few articles there already, so be sure to give them an eye if you're interested in creating games for mobile devices.
You'll notice that most articles are iOS-centric, but fear not Android fans! an Android port is underway and once it's usable, I'll post more info for you too.

Just a small note, iOS & Android usually work on little-endian chips so the DCBs created in your Wii just won't work there, on the bright side you can use the DCBs compiled in any other little-endian machine (your computer, that is) in you pocket computer.

Without further ado:

Hope you like it.

PS: I'll update some games soon.

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