Friday, June 8, 2012

Preview release of binaries based on official monolithic version

I'm releasing a preview version of BennuGD for Wii based on upstream monolithic code.

Known bugs:
  • There's something weird going on with directories and as a result of that BennuGD won't automatically set the working directory to the path where your DCB resides. This means that you won't be able to launch your games from the Homebrew Channel just yet.
    I've only tested the binaries to work when launched through wiiload.
    You'll also still need to change the working directory from your BennuGD code to the correct path, with something like:
This build only includes the official modules, but includes all of them. I've also left some debugging info on. It'll go away when the proper release arrives, obviously.
<<Get it from here>>

If you know how to compile and run your code through wiiload I'd like to ask you to download it and tell me if it's working fine for you.
Cautions from previous releases still apply:
  • Convert your music to 48kHz
  • Don't use FNT files compressed with gz
  • All that stuff
If it's not, please report bugs in the comments section of this post or -better- in the project's bugtrack section.

Thanks a lot.


owen said...

I am having the same problem with current directory and wiiload (not bennugd though).

Joseba GarcĂ­a Etxebarria said...

I was having some trouble with wiiload 0.5.1 and the latest HBC (argc=1 always and argv[0] was the latest given argument...). I'm now using wiiload 0.5.0 but my problems might be related to those you report, yes...

There was, however, a bug in my code. I was trying to use the FS before calling fatInitDefault(). I cannot test the fixes right now but I'll test it ASAP and comment on the results.