Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BennuGD for Wii RC1+ (mod_chipmunk integrated!)

Today I'm refreshing the BennuGD for Wii binaries with a very nice addition: Chipmunk physics library integration. Just in case you missed earlier posts, mod_chipmunk is a wrapper for BennuGD created by Prg that allows you to unleash the full potential of the Chipmunk physics library with a BennuGD friendly syntax.
You can see some examples of what Chipmunk can do in this video:

The cool thing about this library is that creating a reallistic physics simulation is quite complicated even for those with a clear understanding of what's going on and this library manages all the physic interactions easily and effectively.
I've adapted one of the examples Prg includes in his package so that you can run it directly from the Homebrew Channel in your Wii.
I'm asking if any of you can create a little video of this demo, so that I can embed it in this post. I cannot do it with a good quality myself so I'd thank it if anybody can help me with that.

You can get the refreshed BennuGD binaries with mod_chipmunk integrated here:

Please, understand that physics simulation can be a very processor-intesive process. If your game slows down too much, try reducing the number of active processes.

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