Saturday, February 26, 2011

BennuGD for Wii RC1!

It's time to release RC1 of BennuGD for Wii.
You can seed a list of changes below:

  • The code is now much easir to mantain thanks to a slightly redesigned design (more on this to come) and is fully up to date with the upstream sources and overall, the port should feel much more stable.
  • Finally found the reason to why some FNT files weren't loading: seems like there's a bug in zlib for Wii that prevents it from working as documented (try to open file as gzipped, if that fails, try to open it as a raw data file). Somewhy it ends up reading from the file in incorrect places. To avoid that, always make sure your FNT files are gzipped. You can know that they're gzipped if you open them with your favourite uncompressor and they open correctly.
  • Small bugs fixed here and there.
I'm calling it RC1 as I consider it to be ready for public consumption, even there's a problem triggered with multiple Wiimotes that I must fix.
To sum up, here's a full list of things that you must know when porting your existing game to the Wii.
  • Make sure you've read the Getting Started page on the Google Code project site.
  • Make sure your FNT files are gzipped. They'll also take less space. To be on the safe side, also gzip you FPG and your MAP files.
  • OGG might work, but it's safer to use MP3. Also, recode the MP3 and WAV files @48KHz. You can use a program like Audacity to recode your music. Module tracker formats such as S3M, IT, XM... work just fine.
  • The builds don't include mod_debug. If you need it and cannot compile the code yourself, send me an email and I'll send you a copy of the runtime with mod_debug enabled.
  • If you need a more integrated experience, you can always use the bundled mod_wpad. That way you'll be able to query info about the controllers such as battery levels, accelerometer input, available controllers...
  • You can open websites on the user's Wii.
  • If something goes wrong and BennuGD crashes badly, you can send me a photo of the crash and that'll be helpful!

So what now? For the next releases I'm planning on:
  • Trying to fix the joystick bug in SDL. Right now SDL seems to give wrong info about the number of present joysticks and when they were pressed.
  • Improving mod_wpad to support button state reading and include Wii MotionPlus support.
  • Integrating mod_chipmunk into the build for reallistic physics simulations.
Hope you liked the news! Have fun.


beredezebe said...

Yeah ! Great ! I will test it now :) .

beredezebe said...

A small question :
Works BennuGD Wii with M8EE ?

Joseba García Etxebarria said...

M8EE won't work. I tried to look into it but it needs real OpenGL and unfortunately that's not really supported for homebrew code in the Wii...
There was an experimental build of Irrlicht (the engine M38EE is based upon) for Wii, but for what I say, it was really incomplete...

Sorry for that :(

beredezebe said...

Maybe you can use "gl2gx", a OpenGL for Wii :

Joseba García Etxebarria said...

I'll give it a try after I finih work on mod_chipmunk, but I don't promise anything!

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