Friday, April 16, 2010

Alpha 4 released

Today, I'm releasing alpha 4.
This version changes the way mod_say works: until now, it'd just do a printf(). This caused artifacts onscreen. From now on, mod_say will output text to a file named "stdout.txt"
Also, this version includes a new module: mod_wpad. This Wii-specific module tries to provide much more info about the controller input than what the normal Bennu version would.
This is a very preliminary set of functions, and seems to not be working perfectly right now:

  • WPAD_IS_READY(int channel). Will return 1 if channel channel is available and started. Otherwise, it'll return <0.
  • WPAD_IS_BALANCEBOARD(int channel). Will return 1 if channel channel corresponds to a Wii Balance Board.
  • WPAD_QUERY_BALANCEBOARD(int channel, int data). Will query info from a balanceboard. Data can be:
    • 0: X position of the center of gravity.
    • 1: Y position of the center of gravity.
    • 2: Weight measured on the TOP-LEFT base.
    • 3: Weight in TOP-RIGHT.
    • 4: Weight in BOTTOM-LEFT.
    • 5: Weight in BOTTOM-RIGHT.
  • WPAD_BATTERY_LEVEL(int channel). Will return the battery level for a particular channel. 0<level<256.
Other functions will come, and you'll be able to get info on Wiimote acceleration, and other data. Also, as I said, the function names or return values are not done yet. It's a beginning, though.

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