Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Endianess, color and mod_effects; let's call it the alpha 1 release

Yesterday, my brother found the solution to the endianess bug (that resulted in Bennu displaying the wrong colors) that you can see in the video I posted a couple of days ago. So, big thanks to him!
I also integrated mod_effects and now te vast majority of modules that apply and are needed for creating 2D games have been integrated.
There are many things that don't yet work as expected -the most notorious of which is sound, that always plays @ 30KHz, no matter what your music files want-

However, I'd like to call this alpha version 1 of BennuGD for the Wii. It's now very buggy but usable, and you're more than welcome to test it and start creating your BennuGD games targetting the Wii.
If you get'em to work fine with this version, fear not, they'll work in the final version. Should you find any bugs, please report them in the project bugtrack.

So, go get the alpha 1 release at the google code project page.

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