Monday, February 22, 2010

libblit, libvideo, libgrbase, librender & video initializarion

It's been a long time! But well, I bring good news :)

Today I finally integrated libblit, libvideo, libgrbase and librender into the runtime. The test code works fine in my linux box and graphics are initialized to the default resolution (windowed+320x240) so it seems to be doing well.
The code needs to be tested in a real Wii, but I'll wait until I integrate mod_video (and probably finish integrating mod_mouse&mod_text) so that I can check that my code is running properly.

It took me longer than needed to complete the integration of these modules today as I hit a problem with the GCC preprocessor. The problem is that Bennu defines the byte offsets in the DCB files incrementally. So if you want to read property C from the DCB file, that property will be located in position: B+32bits.
B's position will itself depend in A's position. So to calculate the position of C, the GCC preprocessor had to do:

This method works well if you don't have too many properties and is very easy to maintain, but it has its limits, and while integrating more and more properties -coming from more and more modules- I hit that limit. Now I'm defining the fixed location of the properties by hand (A=0; B=32; C=64....), which is pretty painful to maintain.
It compiles, though.

Just in case you want to have a look, you can see how the offsets file is looking right now here.

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