Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mod_scroll, OS_WII and a small coming surprise

Just wanted to let you know that I've integrated mod_scroll, so now scrolls should be working.
Instead of writing some test code that would leave most people wondering if I'll ever get to a point where this thing become usable, I've decided to recompile a very old fighting game (directly ported from DIV Games Studio code).
It won't yet work in your Wii for two main reasons:
  • The endianess bug (that's being worked on).
  • It needs mod_key (I should integrate this sooner than later).
mod_key should be very easy to integrate, so I'll soon post some screenshots of how the game will look once the endianess bug is solved.

I've also talked to Splinter (the main BennuGD developer) and we've agreed to use OS_ID values over 1000 for unofficial ports, so now OS_WII=1000 (up until now, OS_WII was 9).

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